Fabulous Facials

As specialists in surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, Dr. Theresa Jarmuz and her team understand that looking fantastic begins with beautiful skin. They offer a variety of fabulous facials to help Atlanta residents address their unique skincare needs.

Reverse-the-Clock Rejuvenator

Longing for the fountain of youth? Discover it in this firming, hydrating facial! Rejuvenate and revive your skin with this firming hydration blend of gentle yet effective acids. Relax and feel renewed as this treatment removes dead skin cells. And a bonus: we’ll apply a vitamin C mask that tightens your skin and targets its needs.

Adult Acne Annihilator

Banish blackheads and end impacted pores with this all-in-one focused facial. If you’re frustrated with the failure of at-home solutions for adult acne, let us help. This thorough facial cleanses the skin, washing away impurities buried deep inside your pores. To heal and calm your delicate skin, our skilled medical aesthetician will follow this treatment with a soothing and clarifying clay mask.

Relief for Rosacea’s Redness

Rosacea can feel like an ongoing battle, as you try various concoctions to eliminate the redness. We’re here to guide you through the procedures shown to be most effective. The secret: no single modality works as effectively as a combination of targeted treatments. This facial is designed to work effectively with laser skin rejuvenation and carefully selected home care products. To perform this facial, your medical aesthetician will use a mild salicylic acid to exfoliate your skin gently and thoroughly. After the calming mask that follows, your skin will feel blissfully smoothed and soothed.

Body and Soul Relaxation: Facial Meets Massage

For those who love to be pampered (and who doesn’t?), it’s the ultimate pleasure: a facial combined with a massage. This soothingly hydrating facial comes with a complimentary 15-minute body-and-soul-relaxing massage, including your head, neck, and shoulders.

Beautify Skin Tone with a Brightening Facial

Our brighten-your-day facial eases away uneven pigmentation caused by melasma or sun damage. Using a combination of acids, our skilled aesthetician applies the facial to brighten your skin and gently eliminate discolorations for a more beautiful skin tone and color. We recommend considering laser skin rejuvenation to complement these facials. Mild to moderate peeling may occur following treatment.

Teen Tune-Up Facial

Those adolescent years can be difficult to navigate – even more so when your teenager suffers from skin woes such as acne or neglects to care properly for their skin. The answer: this unique Teen Tune-Up special, designed to provide beautifully glowing, clear skin. As part of this facial, the aesthetician will help your teen understand how to take care of their skin, including tips on essentials such as wearing sunscreen. Treat your teen to this gift of healthy, lovely skin today.

Manly Man Facial

Masculine skin deserves a different type of treatment, and this facial is designed specifically to cleanse and hydrate the thicker skin that men naturally develop. Your aesthetician will make sure to suit your treatment to your face’s unique composition. In addition, you’ll learn which products can benefit your skin at home.

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