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Darryl's Story: Lawyer Makes the Case for Facial Rejuvenation

It's not hard to believe that someone trying to guess Darryl's age would be lucky to get within 10 years of the correct answer. For that, he gives virtually all the credit to Dr. Theresa Jarmuz. Darryl has remained a loyal patient at Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery since undergoing a facelift about 8 years ago.

He maintains his youthful, natural-looking results with regular visits for injectable treatments that include BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® at the Atlanta-area practice. He doesn't worry about the details of the treatments and says he truly trusts his face to Dr. Jarmuz.

"When I go in, I rely on Dr. Jarmuz to know exactly what I need. Whatever Dr. Jarmuz thinks I need is what I get."

More Men Getting Aesthetic Treatments

Darryl doesn't consider himself a trendsetter, even though men make up a growing number of plastic surgery patients. Fewer than 10% of people who undergo facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical treatments are men, according to industry groups, but the number continues to climb every year as the stigma attached to getting cosmetic procedures fades.

As a well-known Atlanta lawyer who regularly appears on cable news networks such as CNN and MSNBC, Darryl says he decided to get a facelift because he wanted his looks to match the youthfulness he felt inside.

"I just didn't like looking older."

The fact that he's had a facelift and returns regularly for "tune-ups," as he calls the injectable treatments, isn't something he tries to hide from clients or acquaintances.

"I'm 71, and I neither act like it nor look like it," he says. "I don't advertise the fact that I go in for cosmetic treatments, but I don't conceal it either. If someone asks, I tell them."

An Established Relationship

Darryl actually made his first visit to Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery long before Dr. Jarmuz took over the practice. He underwent eyelid surgery in the early 1990s, performed by the plastic surgeon who previously owned the practice. When he returned for the facelift, he was impressed by the Atlanta board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

"I truly like her and respect her as a physician and a person," he says of Dr. Jarmuz. "Her demeanor is excellent, and the entire staff reflects that calm, professional approach."

Besides specializing in criminal defense and entertainment law, Darryl is an actor with numerous television and movie credits. Additionally, his law career includes working as a Fulton County assistant district attorney in Atlanta. He says Dr. Jarmuz is the "quintessential classy facial plastic surgeon" you would imagine being cast in a movie.

"She has just the right touch, and her practice, including her staff, is very responsive to the needs and concerns of the patients."

Darryl says he's definitely a people person, but is "very picky about the things that I like. If I don't think someone is excellent at what they do, I have no problem moving on. No hard feelings, but I value excellence."

Dr. Jarmuz, he says, combines a personal touch with the ability to create results that keep him looking youthful without appearing unnatural.

"I never look as if I just left a plastic surgeon's office after going to see Dr. Jarmuz for a treatment," Darryl says. "That's why I keep going back."

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