Faye’s Story: Personal Trainer Now Looks as Young as She Feels

Faye knows a thing or 2 about motivation and accountability. A certified personal trainer for more than 10 years, Faye taps into an inner drive to keep herself in peak physical shape and helps clients push through their own limitations to get results they didn’t think possible.

But when it came to her facial appearance, no amount of personal commitment could erase the lines and wrinkles that she believed made her look older than she felt.

“I normally don’t believe in shortcuts such as BOTOX®,” the suburban Atlanta resident says. “If you told me I could do exercises to make my face look younger the same way we work out our bodies, I would do that. But that’s not possible.”

Instead, the 57-year-old mother of 2 grown children started seeing Dr. Theresa Jarmuz at Buckhead Facial Plastic surgery.

Looking Naturally Refreshed

Faye had learned about Dr. Jarmuz from one of her clients who looked refreshed and energized.

“You develop relationships with the people you’re working with,” says Faye. “One of my clients, who is about 10 years older than I am, looked really great. She’s in her mid-60s and looked so refreshed, but not in a way that seemed unnatural.”

That’s one of the primary reasons she chose Dr. Jarmuz and continues to return to her practice, Faye says.

“We all want to look younger, but we still want to look like ourselves. I didn’t want to look unnatural.”

Combining BOTOX & Fillers

Faye says she was pretty nervous about getting dermal fillers such as Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® at the Atlanta practice because of an earlier experience with injectable treatments. She had gone to another plastic surgeon about 5 years earlier for fillers, and the results had left her feeling self-conscious.

“When it comes to fillers, not everyone can get the same results as Dr. Jarmuz,” she says. “I think the other doctor used too much JUVÉDERM, and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to try fillers again.”

She gained the confidence to have fillers used once she saw the results that Dr. Jarmuz consistently produces.

“I’ve seen her work, and I knew she knew what she was doing.”

‘A Beautiful Practice’

Faye, who became a personal trainer 13 years ago after working as a retail manager, says she recommends Dr. Jarmuz to friends and clients.

It’s a beautiful practice,” she says. “The staff is an extension of Dr. Jarmuz. They are very kind and accommodating. It’s just a lovely staff, and Dr. Jarmuz is so well-educated about the procedures she performs.”

Besides BOTOX to smooth her forehead wrinkles and minimize crow’s feet around her eyes, Faye says she got fillers to help create a more youthful appearance in the mid-face. Dr. Jarmuz restored volume to her cheeks using JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC and Sculptra® Aesthetic, both popular treatments at the Atlanta practice.

“I trust Dr. Jarmuz with my face,” says Faye. “That’s something you can’t hide with clothes. People see your face every day.”

Always Available Skincare

A Reputation Built on Results

Dr Kerolus is fantastic and caring.!
The best experience ever at a provider’s office. Professional, accepting, thorough and not pushy.
I’ve been going to Dr Jarmuz for over 10 years. She is THE BEST! Everyone in the office is super friendly...
Been coming to Dr Jarmez for 18 years. The only plastic surgeon I will let touch me. She’s the best.