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Category Archives: CoolSculpting

Can You Freeze Fat Off at Home?

Woman putting on skinny jeans in closet at home

If you can believe the information provided by Google (and it seems pretty reliable), quite a few people are asking if they can get the same benefits of CoolSculpting® using do-it-yourself techniques at home. Essentially, people want to know if they can freeze away fat using ice packs without going to a plastic surgeon’s office or med spa for actual … Read more

CoolSculpting® and Exercise: A Perfect Match

Who’s an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting? In general the best prospects are women and men in pretty good shape who want to get rid of fat pockets that stubbornly remain no matter what they do. That’s why many of the CoolSculpting patients at our Atlanta practice who lead active lifestyles with regular exercise see such great results. CoolSculpting isn’t a … Read more

Preparing for CoolSculpting® Pays Off

CoolSculpting at our Atlanta med spa is one of our most popular procedures for many reasons. First, it works when performed on the right patients. Second, there’s no downtime following the procedure. To get the most out of this groundbreaking, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, however, we recommend you do 3 things before scheduling your first CoolSculpting appointment. Here they are: … Read more

What Can CoolSculpting® Do for You?

By now, many people have heard of CoolSculpting. Still, at my Atlanta practice, patients aren’t really sure about what to expect during the treatment or what results the procedure produces. In this post, I’ll describe who is a good CoolSculpting candidate and explain the process from the consultation through the follow-up appointments. If you haven’t heard of CoolSculpting, it’s one of … Read more

Whole Body Cryotherapy & CoolSculpting®: What’s the Difference?

CoolSculpting vs. Cryotherapy

CoolSculpting is a popular procedure offered at our Atlanta practice that cools targeted areas of the body to reduce fat without surgery or downtime. This device targets fatty areas and kills fat cells by freezing them. With long-lasting results and little to no recovery time, CoolSculpting has become one of the most popular body contouring procedures around the country. Another … Read more

Why CoolSculpting® Is Such a Cool Idea

When CoolSculpting first received FDA approval in 2010 as a targeted fat reduction treatment, it truly represented a breakthrough in the search for a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Even as other fat reduction treatments became available, CoolSculpting remained the most popular procedure of its type. That’s why we offer CoolSculpting at our Atlanta practice. It gets consistent results that meet … Read more

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