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Atlanta Rhinoplasty

Your nose is one of your most prominent facial features and one of the most unique. So it's not surprising that being unhappy with the size or shape of your nose can make you unhappy about your overall appearance. It is possible to make the desired changes to your nose without losing your own unique look. In Atlanta, rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Theresa M. Jarmuz will improve your nose so that it fits the rest of your facial features, emphasizing your natural beauty.

Dr. Theresa M. Jarmuz is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. She is also certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and has special education and training in the anatomy and aesthetics of the nose. She has an artistic eye and the skill to make your rhinoplasty a success. To learn more about rhinoplasty, request your consultation with Dr. Jarmuz online or call her office at (404) 233-3937.

Meet Theresa M. Jarmuz, M.D.

A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarmuz exceeds expectations for patient care & results.

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The Procedure

For your rhinoplasty (sometimes referred to in the media as a "nose job"), Atlanta facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jarmuz will perform either an "open" procedure or a "closed" procedure. During a closed procedure, incisions will be made entirely inside the nose. During an open procedure, an incision will be made between your nostrils, across the columella. The structure of your nose will be reshaped to correct size, width, and profile. Your nostrils and nasal tip also can be adjusted.

After surgery, you will have flesh colored tape that will protect your nose during the early healing phase (typically one week). You can expect to return to your normal routine after a week or two when most swelling has subsided and the splint has been removed. Revision rhinoplasty is also a specialty of Dr. Jarmuz. While it is not common for many patients, other facial plastic surgery procedures can be performed during a rhinoplasty for more comprehensive rejuvenation.


Although your new look will be visible after several weeks, subtle contour refinements can occur over a period of several months to a year. Very soon after the procedure you will be able to see a well-balanced nose that compliments the rest of your face. Most of Dr. Jarmuz's patients feel renewed self-confidence after their procedure, feeling that they still look like themselves, only better.

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