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Skin Care Photos

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Before Case 64 After

Case 64

This 39 year old female patient was concerned with the hollow look under her eyes caused by volume loss.  Dr. Jarmuz treated this patient with Restylane Silk using a canula. The canula technique correct...

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Before Case 18 After

Case 18

This patient from Atlanta recieved Sculptra injections to replace lost collagen, Botox injections to forehead and area around eyes, and microneedling to improve skin texture.

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Before Case 17 After

Case 17

Complete facial rejuvenation can offer a phenomenal restoration of youthfulness. This patient underwent Botox treatments, filler in the lips, 3 sessions of Sculptra, a facelift and a skincare regimen to suit her needs...

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Before Case 33 After

Case 33

Chemical peel

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Before Case 23 After

Case 23

Sculptra injections to enhance collagen and achieve a "lift" in the cheeks, neck and under-eye area. Retin-A skincare to boost collagen and improve skin tone and texture.

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Before Case 98 After

Case 98

This patient wanted to look refreshed and more youthful while maintaining a natural look. Dr. Jarmuz assess her and felt that Sculptra in the cheeks and temples along with 5 units of Dysport in the chin would best mee...

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Before Case 92 After

Case 92

This patient came in frustrated with her skin and looking for anti-aging treatments to help her maintain a youthful look. Her results were achieved by using conservative amounts of Sculptra, Dysport and...

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Before Case 90 After

Case 90

This pretty patient was unhappy with the scars on her face. Dr. Jarmuz determined that a series of microneedling was the best option for this patient.  Two full-face microneedling treatments had be...

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Before Case 75 After

Case 75

Patient came in with sun damage and fine lines. She desired improvement in her skin. Kelly Meikle, Laser specialist and esthetician, treated her with an iPixel treatement and a Fotofacial (IPL). The Fotofacial, or IPL...

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Before Case 30 After