Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgery Center Features Seminar for Teens

Atlanta-based facial plastic surgery center, Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery, recently offered a skin care seminar for teens to learn about how they can achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

Atlanta, Georgia (August 2011) – Dr. Theresa M. Jarmuz of Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery recently hosted a skin care seminar designed for teens at her Atlanta, Georgia practice. The July event featured tips and techniques for preventing skin damage and clearing up common teen problems such as acne.

Receiving top honors as the Best Aesthetician in the city in Jezebel‘s “Best of Atlanta 2011” for her facial rejuvenation treatments, Holly Armbruster included information about using the right cleansing products in the seminar.

“Most teens still have beautiful, youthfully-radiant skin, while some struggle with concerns like acne, oily or dry skin,” says Dr. Jarmuz, who offers a range of facial plastic surgery procedures as well as non-surgical services such as hair removal and vein treatment at her Atlanta practice. “We designed the event to get teens thinking about skin care early. Nevertheless, teens should be aware that keeping their skin looking healthy involves regular care and discipline. We want to show them that it doesn’t have to be difficult.”

Armbruster recommended that teens begin their skin care regimen with products that targeted toward their skin type and concerns. “I explained that, for example, the skin care products available from Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery are medical quality products for a home regimen, and we can design and customize those regimens based on the individual’s skin type. This can be particularly helpful for teens with concerns such as acne and an excess of skin oil,” she explained.

During the seminar, Armbruster also discussed the importance of minimizing direct sun exposure. In addition to helping to prevent the risk of skin cancer, sun avoidance can help to prevent problems later in life such as wrinkles and overly dry skin. “It’s never too early to start thinking about the future of your skin’s health. Many teens get caught up with the idea of having beautiful and tan skin, but they don’t recognize the dangers of too much sun exposure and aren’t taking the right steps to achieving beautiful skin,” says Armbruster.

For those with acne scars, Dr. Jarmuz offers non-surgical derma rolling as part of her medical spa services, which can improve skin texture. “Derma rolling is one of the least known, but most effective techniques for reducing the appearance of acne scars,” explains Dr. Jarmuz, “It can reduce the appearance of acne scars and enhance the delicate facial skin for a rejuvenated, natural look.”

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