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Atlanta Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are the focal point of our faces. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first facial features to show signs of aging. The connective tissue and skin around the eyes is very delicate, and the lids may begin to droop and fat pads below the eye can protrude to cause bulges or "bags." These bags along the lower eyelid cause dark circles to appear as well. In Atlanta, eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Theresa M. Jarmuz can remove excess skin and reduce bags to improve the appearance of your upper and lower eyelids.

Dr. Jarmuz is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon offering a variety of surgical and minimally-invasive facial cosmetic procedures. To learn more about eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and other procedures to reduce the signs of aging, request your consultation with Dr. Jarmuz online or call her office at (404) 233-3937.

Meet Theresa M. Jarmuz, M.D.

A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarmuz exceeds expectations for patient care & results.

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The Procedure

In Atlanta, blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids to remove excess skin and bulging fatty tissue. Incisions are made in the natural folds of the upper eyelids. To eliminate bags under the eyes, an incision can often be made inside the lower lid, eliminating the need for an external incision.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

While eyelid surgery can remove excess skin and fat, it cannot eliminate crow's feet or stop wrinkles from forming on the remaining skin. An Atlanta BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can effectively reduce crow's feet and other dynamic wrinkles without surgery, although the effects are temporary. BOTOX can also be used after your blepharoplasty to keep the results wrinkle-free. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are often performed with eyelid surgery in order to smooth the skin below the eyes and reduce wrinkles or discoloration.

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