The Surprising Reason Men Are Getting Cosmetic Enhancements

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Cosmetic procedures among male patients are decidedly on the rise. While some out there still see cosmetic enhancement as taboo, there’s no denying that men are increasingly taking advantage of nonsurgical treatments to boost the way they look. Treatments like injectables for men here in Atlanta are helping our male patients feel young, fresh, and attractive. The surprising motivation for many of them? They’re looking for an edge in the workplace.

Practices are seeing more and more men choose nonsurgical treatments as a means of staying relevant in their professional lives. Read on to find out how these treatments are helping men stay on top of their professional game.

Cosmetic Enhancements and Your Career

Many men agree that the workplace is changing. The value of youth is evident, leading to an increase in the demand for nonsurgical options that can help men look and feel younger.

There is a fine line between looking experienced and looking worn out. Men are seeking small changes to enhance their appearance without completely erasing all signs of their age—pursuing the ultimate goal of looking like the best possible version of themselves. BOTOX® Cosmetic, in particular, is so popular for this reason that it’s sparked the nickname “Brotox.” (Read more about the trend in this blog post.) With this change in appearance comes a significant increase in confidence that carries over into the workplace.

Injectables: Your Secret Weapon

Even though men are seeking out treatments more commonly, the option of keeping it a secret is still a welcome bonus. Many men choose the nonsurgical route for the discretion that comes with it. Ease, accessibility, and minimal downtime allow patients to keep these treatments under wraps. There’s no need to take time off work or plan for significant recovery; many people even have these treatments done on their lunch break.

Natural-looking enhancements make a significant difference in your appearance without creating an obvious, over-the-top transformation. People will never know you’ve had a cosmetic procedure—if you don’t tell them. They’ll likely just think you look especially rested, refreshed, and attractive.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Men

If you want to boost your appearance nonsurgically, consider these popular options for men:

  • BOTOX: Smooth crow’s feet and frown lines by relaxing specific muscles in your face. These results typically last for 3 to 4 months.
  • Dermal fillers: Fill in lines and folds, correct contouring issues, and add youthful volume where needed. Depending on the product used, these results can last for up to 2 years.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation: Age spots, sun damage, broken blood vessels, and more can add years to your face. We offer various laser skin treatments to help correct these, with results that are often long-lasting.
  • The nonsurgical hair loss treatment by apply a hair replacement system for men.

Learn more about how nonsurgical treatments such as injectables for men in Atlanta can help you stay on top of your game. Contact us or book now online or call us at (404) 233-3937 to request a personal consultation.

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