Where is the Line When it Comes to Fillers?

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When I consult with patients considering JUVÉDERM® at my med spa here in Atlanta, GA, I answer many questions about how to avoid that dreaded “overfilled” appearance. My focus is always on creating subtle results that both appear natural and enhance each patient’s unique features. It’s possible to make powerful improvements without overdoing it—and it’s easy for a trained eye to spot when that line has been crossed.

Here are a few signs you’ve probably gone too far with fillers.

Your features look drastically different.

Fillers are designed to enhance and define your natural features by adding volume. If your features have begun to take on entirely different shapes or sizes, it’s a sign you may be going overboard.

  • Good filler use: Reduction of wrinkles and subtly enhanced contouring, such as support added to sunken cheeks or volume added to naturally thin lips.
  • Bad filler use: Excessively stretched skin, features that are out of proportion, and a pillowy, overblown look.

At my practice, I focus on creating effective yet subtle results. This means honoring and staying true to your face’s natural characteristics. Learn more about this injection philosophy in this blog post.

Your enhancements are the first thing you notice about your face.

When done properly, fillers help smooth the skin and restore harmony and proportion to the face. When done excessively (think along the lines of Kylie Jenner’s lips), they can draw negative attention and throw your features off balance. When this is the case, your look may scream “fillers” rather than whispering it. Most of our patients prefer to maintain a naturally enhanced appearance, which is easily achieved when the volume of filler is skillfully monitored.

You up your volume with every appointment.

If you’re constantly going for larger and larger amounts of filler, it’s a sign you’re overdoing it because you’re trying to put a band-aid over a bigger concern that may be better solved with surgery. Certain concerns just can’t be totally addressed with injectables alone. This is especially true of the lower face. While fillers can support the cheeks and fill in deep lines around the mouth, they can’t effectively treat skin that’s lost much of its elasticity or jowls in the lower face.

Trying to solve the wrong concerns with filler leads us to chase results by pumping in more product without actually correcting the source of the issue. If you’re struggling with these concerns, you may be better off with a surgical facelift instead.

The best thing you can do to prevent going overboard with fillers is to select a provider who won’t let you make that mistake. To see examples of “fillers gone right” at my practice, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about JUVÉDERM and other fillers at our med spa in Atlanta, GA, please contact us online or call (404) 233-3937.

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