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October Newsletter
October Specials!!
 $75 OFF Ulthera for every $500 you spend
$50 OFF Dermarolling
$25 OFF Initial Nutrition Consultation
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Kelly's Product of the Month
Frightfully Delightful!
Kelly's Product of the Month!!
Now that the weather is cooling down and heaters will be coming on, the skin will start feeling drier and tighter.
Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!
Combat flakiness, roughness and moisture loss before it has a chance to even happen.
Hyaluronic Acid has become a hot topic amongst people and anti-aging. This is an ingredient anyone can add into their regimen for added moisture and anti-aging benefits. It enhances other products being used by prepping the skin and acting as a vehicle to enhance the absorption of other products applied on top of it. 
We are highlighting our Hyaluronic acid products; SkinCeuticals B5 Hydrating Gel, B5 Hydrating Masque and NeoCutis Hyalis. All of these are fantastic products that leave the skin looking and feeling hydrated and glowing. Hyaluronic acid is like a drink of water to the skin! Remember, if you take the hydration out of a grape you get a wrinkly raisin...so be sure and keep that skin hydrated because no one wants to be a raisin! Happy Fall y'all. I hope to see you soon.
Aesthetician/ Laser Tech 
Here at Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery we are getting patients ready to face the fall season with hydrating procedures, vein therapies for legs, injectables and, of course, the new rage for skin tightening of the body and face, ULTHERA.
The weather is cooling down outside and this means it's time to tweak our daily product regimen and the facial procedures we do to maintain a healthy glow through the changing seasons.  By adding a hydrating serum or an intense moisturizer, we can protect our skin from dryness and flaking as the temperatures start to fall.  See our aesthetician, Kelly's, must have products for the fall (below). 
Another must-have for the fall season is maintaining firm, healthy skin.  Look at your skin as a bank of collagen, fibrin and elastin.  As we get older, money is taken from this bank and we're losing valuable collagen and elastin.  What are the two best procedures to put collagen back in the bank??  Sculptra and Ulthera!!  That's right, Sculptra and Ulthera stimulate an inflammatory response that activates our collagen-producing cells that have deactivated with age, to start producing collagen.  Over time, we start seeing volume, firmness, and tightening in the treated areas.  Typically areas that we treat with Sculptra are the jawline, midface, cheeks and temples.  We treat the face, neck, decolletage, knees, arms and thighs/buttocks with the Ulthera.  See below for before and afters.  Schedule your consultation today!
Ulthera For The Body Is Here!!
We are constantly getting asked about the newest nonsurgical procedures for tightening the skin around the knees, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and elbows. Well the data is in and the Ulthera is able to dramatically tighten, firm and lift these areas with ultrasound energy.  Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to deliver sound energy to deep layers of the tissue to stimulate our own collagen production, which lifts, tightens and firms those treated areas. Schedule your consultation with our Ulthera expert and Physician Assistant, Casey Powell, PA-C today!  404-233-3937. 
Nutrition Consultation and Planning Now Offered at BFPS!!
For years nutritional experts and health care providers have taught their patients that when eating plant based proteins, it is necessary to combine foods in order to obtain certain complete proteins.  This information has been challenged in more recent years, and as it turns out, our bodies are more intuitive than first thought!  When we consume plant based protein, the body selects and retains amino acids necessary for functioning.  When all the necessary amino acids are available, the body combines them creating a complete protein.  No more food combining, or need to consume animal protein!
Interested in learning more about how foods interacts with the body?  Schedule a nutritional consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth, today!!  (We are offering $25 off your consultation for the month of October. Elizabeth books up, so schedule today!) 
What is Dermarolling?
Dermarolling involves a trained expert in the procedure using a device that looks very much like a tiny paint roller covered in micro-needles.  We numb the face or area of the body being treated and roll the dermarolling device over the skin causing small pricks in the skin.  Your skin will interpret these pin prinks as wounds and begin the healing process, producing collagen and gradually reducing the appearance of scarring and uneven skin texture.  This procedure is great for patients with acne scars, pick marks, and post trauma or procedural scarring. Call us today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment with our trained expert, Kelly Meikle
Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery Gives Back...
Members of Buckhead Facial recently participated in Health Day 2013 held at Centennial Olympic Park.  The event was designed to provide basic medical services to individuals who had otherwise limited access to healthcare.  Volunteers Kristin Boehm, MD, Elizabeth Deveraux, NP, and Chelsea Hopkins, MA were among the many clinicians who donated their time performing medical screenings, blood pressure and diabetic checks, asthma screenings, foot/wound care, routine physicals, dental cleanings, eye exams, and mental health screenings. BFPS was proud to participate in this event which fostered community and education across the diverse Atlanta spectrum.
BFPS was a sponsor for the Chelko Foundation's flagship event, "Bodies As Works Of Art".  Top bodypainting talent from around the world competed for top honors in a spectacular showing of pageantry.  A form of art that is living and breathing, this was the perfect event to embody the Chelko Foundation mission which seeks to empower women through art, education and partnership.  As a sponsor for the last several years, BFPS looks forward to continuing their support of the Foundation and its philosophy.
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