Laser Skin Treatment vs. Microneedling: Which Is Right for You?

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If you feel like the years have dulled your youthful glow, putting the radiance back into your skin has never been easier. The cosmetic surgery industry provides a veritable smorgasbord of surgical and nonsurgical options to improve acne, age spots, sun damage, or other skin issues. If you haven’t before, consider two robust nonsurgical skin treatments: laser skin treatment and microneedling. Both are available at Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery.

While both procedures are exceptional at rejuvenating your skin, here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two procedures.

Laser Treatment vs. Microneedling: How Do the Two Procedures Work?

While both procedures effectively improve acne, age spots, and sun-related skin issues, the main difference lies in how the two procedures work. Laser skin treatments heat the underlayers of skin, creating controlled injury that stimulates the body’s healing process to produce more collagen. Microneedling creates microscopic channels of injury in the skin to also improve collagen production and skin turnover.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, newer laser-like technologies such as FotoFacial® RF give your plastic surgeon a new level of control in laser rejuvenation, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas. To learn more about how lasers are used in these treatments, check out this related blog.

Which Procedure Will Give Me the Best Results?

You might be tempted to jump on one or both of these procedures, but you should research which procedure fits your skin type, desired downtime, and preferred number of treatments. Laser skin treatment can give you faster and longer-lasting results than microneedling, but it may not suit every skin type. Some people experience pigmentation and light bruising due to the heat and take longer to recover from the procedure. Take a look at some of our patients’ laser skin rejuvenation before-and-after photos to see the type of results the treatments produce.

Microneedling has a gentler effect on the skin, with minor redness, swelling, and bleeding after the procedure. This procedure is suitable for almost all skin types and requires a shorter recovery time. However, you may need to have multiple treatments to get the best results with microneedling. You can see our patients’ microneedling results in our photo gallery.

Can You Combine Laser Skin Treatment and Microneedling?

You can combine some laser skin treatments and microneedling as long as your skin can handle the impact of both heat and needle punctures. Since laser skin treatments are usually one session and microneedling may require multiple sessions, your plastic surgeon can advise you on how to space out the treatments. You can also add on other nonsurgical treatments such as Ultherapy®, which lifts and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production with ultrasound technology.

Laser skin treatment and microneedling can take years off your face and bring back that youthful glow you have been missing. An experienced plastic surgeon or aesthetician will give you realistic expectations regarding the two treatments and help you pick the one that’s right for your skin type. To learn more about how these two procedures can help with skin rejuvenation, please book now or call us at  (404) 233-3937 to schedule an appointment.

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